A lost cat: practical methods to find it

Domestic animals occupy a very important place in households today. There are those who sometimes even become full members of the family. However, when you lose your cat, for example, the situation becomes dire. Identifying your cat, beyond being mandatory, is often the best way to find the lost animal as quickly as possible. In this article, discover practical techniques to find your lost cat.

The first reflexes when you lose your cat

As soon as you notice your cat's disappearance, there are reflexes to have and put in place as soon as possible to increase your chances of finding him. For more information, hop over to this web-site . There is not a minute to lose and the Internet offers the possibility of immediately reporting the loss of your animal and relaying the information, via social media and specialized sites. You can contact the Icad (National Identification File) to notify them of the disappearance, with the registration number (transponder or tattoo number) of your cat. Secondly, contact the structures likely to collect an animal around you: veterinary surgeries, shelters, pound, town hall, police. Tell them the chip number and a description of your animal.

Search your house and go door to door

This method seems trivial to me, but always start by checking your apartment and surveying the nearby surroundings. In fact, it often happens that cats hide or find themselves stranded in odd places in the house: furniture, cupboards, under the sink, drawers, roofing, ventilation ducts. If your cat cannot be found, patrol your neighborhood in the quiet hours of the evening and early morning, while calling her at regular intervals during your research. You can also try to entice him with a bag of dry food or by shaking his bowl, which you will then place in front of your front door. You can still go door to door to interview the neighborhood and leave them a photo and your number. You can also make announcements with the mention "lost cat" in the street and in shops. Remember to consult the "cat found" sections in classified ads and on specialized sites.