Adrian Cheng, the rich person who shapes the cultural life of China

Adrian Cheng, the 40-year-old Hong Kong heir reigns over an empire. Uninhibited inventor of the concept of installing a museum in the heart of a shopping center, he weaves the link between luxury and contemporary art. Discover in this article the essentials to know about Adrian Cheng.

A family fortune built on a jeweler empire

Welcome to the financial capital of 7 million inhabitants, where intense urban promiscuity rubs shoulders with unbridled real estate, where the price per square meter can reach 150,000 €. For the moment, a palpable effervescence is spreading on the green carpet of the big children’s lounge on the 21st floor, the main target of the owner, Adrian Cheng. Eldest son and grandson of Hong Kong billionaires, the one everyone nicknamed « Adrian » practices a visionary requirement. The family fortune in the local top 10 and 58th in the international Forbes ranking was built on an empire of Chow Tai Fook (CTF) jewelry, the world leader with 5.3 billion euros in turnover and 2,400 stores, real estate and commercial, New World Development (NWD), turnover of 5.87 billion euros. The conglomerate is approaching 50,000 employees as its investments flood China and the world.

Adrian Cheng, the man of challenges

Adrian, respectively CEO of CTF, Executive Vice-President of NWD and Founding President of K11, one of the most innovative companies in China, revisits the assets of the house by infusing them with culture and zenitude. Among the Chengs, each generation brings its stone to the building. Adrian, who joined the group in 2006 after an excellent university career with an art degree from Harvard, a cultural program from Stanford in Kyoto and an appropriate banking training (USB, Goldman Sachs), took up the challenge of the third millennium by launching a revolution dedicated to companies.

Rather than validating financial results, Adrian the revolutionary is moving the lines. Precise, involved, not sleepy, he sends messages at all hours of the day and night to his teams, which he chooses young. He constantly travels to Myanmar, Siberia, and Singapore lately and multiplies the meetings. For ten years, this inventive person has been preparing the family group to become the entry platform for luxury brands in China. Its target : millennials, generation 1988-1994, added to generation Z from 1995-2010, i.e. a future market of 566 million consumers, informed, versatile and without borders.