Becoming an ethical hacker: what you need to know

If you usually watch the new or frequently use internet, then you’ve surely heard about hackers and what they do. Usually portrayed as geeks always typing something on their computer, hackers are experts in computer systems and are known to be extremely smart people. They also tend to have a nice paycheck. Dreaming about becoming a hacker is not surprising knowing all this, but what does it take to become a hacker? What are the skills you need? To find the answers, lets dive into the topic.

What are the skills required to become a hacker?

Hacking is not something you learn how to do that easily. Hackers are those that are able to access systems in other to help or cause harm to someone or a group of people. There was recently an alleged attempt of system breach on TikTok platform by hackers. You can click here to read about TikTok data breach attempt. This is an example of what an unethical hacker can do. The only way to protect companies from such attacks as an ethical hacker, the first skill to have is computer networking skills. It is one of the most important skills because understanding how interconnections work within computer systems is key to finding solutions against attacks. Computer skills are obviously required, as well as Linux skills. Mastery of Linux is crucial for every hacker for it is a very powerful operating system built and constantly upgraded by a community of coders. It is very useful especially in terms of security. Which is why, programming skills is also a necessity and a must have as an ethical hacker.

What is an unethical hacker?

Unethical hackers (which we can also refer to as black hat hackers) are those who breach systems illegally for personal gain. They get paid to forcefully access private data of their target in other to blackmail or cause them harm. They can easily ruin their target’s reputation or even empty their bank account if they ever get hold of their account details. Acting as such is immoral and punishable by law. Which is why if you have to become a hacker, you should become an ethical hacker or in other words, a white hat hacker.