Covid 19 Vs Ebola

The world in the last two decades has been very much affected by virulent health crises. Among these, we can list the still current Covid 19 and Ebola. Of these two health crises, the question is which crisis would have a more advanced level of virulence. In the rest of this article, we propose an answer to this question which is still very topical.

Covid 19 has the higher virulence level of the two

In order to make a comparative study to determine the virulence rate of a virus, the analysis made revolves around the number of deaths caused by the crisis. In addition, we are interested in the rate of contagion observed according to whether we leave one virus for another. These are some of the data that are taken into account to make the comparison.

In the present case, we can see that covid-19 clearly wins a large number of points. This virus, unlike Ebola, is easy to contract and can kill very quickly. This situation is well illustrated by the number of serious cases that the covid-19 virus causes in the space of about 2 years.

A conclusion that should not be drawn hastily

The covid-19 virus is still the most dangerous disease in the history of mankind. It is a very difficult virus and this is reflected in the difficulty that specialists have in finding a cure for the epidemic.

Unlike Ebola, covid-19 has not yet been channeled through a reliable vaccine. This makes the outcome of the crisis into which the virus is plunging humanity uncertain. Therefore, it would be too early to draw any conclusions as to which treatment would be the ideal remedy to fight the spread of the virus.

Clearly, between Ebola and covid-19, it must be recognized that the latter is more dangerous and still remains without a vaccine. For this reason, it will be necessary to redouble vigilance to avoid being contaminated.