How to choose your antique vase ?

Choosing an antique vase is not an easy task, especially if you want to install it comfortably at home. It is therefore necessary to choose carefully so that they match well with the interior. Here are some tips to help you choose the best antique vase.

Consider the interior design

Your antique vase should match perfectly with the interior decoration. You will find a multitude of antique vases on the market. But they will not necessarily meet your expectations, as there are so many different shapes and models. So take into account the other objects in the room when making your choice. This will allow your vase to blend in with the room. This way, you can be sure to choose the most beautiful antique vase. For more information, continued reading.

Consider the colours and the material

As said before, your vase will be part of your interior decoration. And the colours are essential for a quality decoration. Antique vases are nowadays available in several colours. This gives you a very wide choice.

The material also counts when it comes to choosing your antique vase. You will find them in ceramic, glass, ball, terracotta, etc. A gold or silver vase would also be perfect for your interior design. So, think about varying the colours and materials of your antique vase.

Consider the type of bouquet and the type of room

The type of bouquet you buy your vase for is also important. A long, thin vase will be perfect for long flowers, while a round vase will be ideal for a bushy bouquet. Similarly, a small vase is ideal for short-stemmed bouquets. And a ball vase is perfect for large bouquets.

As far as the pieces are concerned, vases should be bought in the right size. That is to say, a vase that respects the dimensions of your room as well as those of the piece of furniture on which you place it. An antique vase that is too large will shrink your room, while a vase that is too small will be invisible.