How to pay for your car?

You want to buy a car and you are wondering which payment method to use? Don't worry, because there are several methods of payment. They vary depending on the type of car you want to buy and its price. Find out how to pay for your car.

Paying for your car with a cashier's check 

There are several payment methods used when buying a car, whether it is new or used. For this, you can go to and discover some information. The payment by certified bank check is the most useful especially for individuals. It allows them to keep a written record of transactions. It is therefore a safe act for both the buyer and the seller. The certified check can be used for the purchase of used vehicles or new vehicles. But for new vehicles, the seller must agree to cash the payment with a check.
Cashier's checks for new cars can often be a little more complicated than wire transfers. This is because they require an application to the bank issuing the check. The response time is about 24 hours. Therefore, payment by cashier's check may not be accepted by some new car dealers.

Paying for a new car in cash

Cash is often the preferred method of payment for used cars. However, when it comes to paying cash for a new car, this is quite rare. Why is this so? Because simply for new cars the price is often high, so paying in cash is not advisable or is prohibited in some countries. This is to prevent scams and payment with fake money.
Therefore, using cash to buy a new car is very complicated. Besides, you will hardly find a seller who will agree to sell you a new car with this payment method. But if the new car is not too expensive, i.e. less than 1000€, you may be able to buy it with cash.