Mobile application development : why choose Swiss Tomato ?

When you have a mobile application project, you often think that the realization will be easy. But as you progress, you realize that it is a very difficult job and one that may not be within your reach. At this time, it is important to use an agency that has the necessary weapons. Swiss Tomato is a digital and web company that deals with issues related to mobile application development and website design.

Develop your mobile applications with Swiss Tomato

Swiss Tomato makes you develop your mobile applications in just four steps : programming, requirements, software development. For more information, do not hesitate to consult this site Indeed, programming is a very essential step for the development of mobile application. This is a phase that allows you to limit the risks and to be able to start on a good basis. Under no circumstances should you neglect it, which is why requesting the services of an agency like Swiss Tomato would be satisfactory. In relation to the requirements, this is the step that allows you to resume the work done in the planning step and adds an additional level of precision to make the most exhaustive study possible of the requirements and objectives of the mobile application. 

When it comes to software development, it is during this phase that developers record the application code and link the interfaces together to achieve the goals. They can therefore use different programming languages and software tools.

Testing and quality assurance

In addition, several tests make it possible to verify the performance of the mobile application in order to validate its quality, its security, and its operation on different models of telephones. Thanks to its qualified team, the Swiss Tomato agency carries out tests to see the effectiveness of the work carried out. Generally, this consists of checking whether the interfaces are displayed normally on the different screen formats. Or if the application negatively impacts the battery charge. Finally, the test verifies whether the application is able to manage the network bandwidth as it should. After checking the stability of the mobile application, you can put it on a broadcasting platform or on Play Store. This allows Internet users or anyone to be able to download it.