Steps to follow to create a company in Hong Kong

Whatever your country, the creation of a company will necessarily go through certain steps. In Hong Kong, for example, the creation of a company is simple and costs little. What are the steps to follow to create a company in Hong Kong? Follow the thread of this article to know more about the steps to create a business in Hong Kong. Focus!

Choose the type of business and proceed to its registration

The first step to follow to create your company in Hong Kong is the choice of the type of company. Find to get more information on the steps to create a company in Hong Kong. Indeed, you will have to choose the status of your company. For example, choose a limited liability company. These entities are frequently used and have a separate legal entity. The representative office is also a type of company available in Hong Kong. It does not have a legal personality and does not allow its holder to carry out business activities.

After choosing the type of your company, you should then ensure its registration. This will be done by complying with certain recommendations as well as a number of requirements. It should be noted that every Hong Kong company is obliged to appoint a secretary who will be based in Hong Kong. 

Establishing the timetable for the incorporation of the company and opening an account

Apart from these steps, you will also have to establish a timetable for the incorporation and registration of the company. Once the timetable is set, you need to finalize the registration of your company. In addition to these steps, you are required to open a corporate bank account in Hong Kong. This is one of the essential requirements for the creation of your company in Hong Kong. You will just have to gather your documents and submit your account creation project.