The different types of laptop batteries

In order to meet the needs of every laptop user, factories create several types of batteries. Thus, several categories of batteries are available on the market. So what are the different types of laptop batteries and what are their characteristics? Find out the advantages of each type of battery in this article. 

Nickel battery

Nickel batteries are the oldest and most classic type of laptop battery, check my site for more information. Since they were the first batteries used in the first laptops.

They are economical batteries with a high capacity of autonomy. Nickel batteries are capable of running for about 500 discharge and charge cycles. They can also withstand high currents when charged at a voltage of over 1V. Another special feature is that these types of batteries can be charged quickly.

Nickel batteries come in two different categories or forms. These are the Ni-Cd and Ni-Mh models which have a performance of 50 to 24,000 mAh and 2 to 18,000 mAh respectively.

Li-Ion battery

As part of the lithium battery category, Li-Ion batteries are still widely used for laptops. This is due to the many advantages they offer. Li-Ion batteries are very light, which makes it easier to transport the laptops in which they are inserted. 

In addition, they are known to have a good capacity of autonomy. These types of batteries discharge slowly. 

Ly-polymer battery

Ly-polymer batteries are from the same family of batteries as Li-Ion batteries and are of the latest generation. They seem to be more efficient than the first two types of laptop battery. This makes them expensive and therefore accessible to few people.

They are designed to solve the fragility problems of most batteries. For example, Ly-polymer batteries can be used without a rigid protective case.

So there are three main types of laptop batteries: nickel, Li-Ion and Ly-polymer. Each has its own characteristics.