Top 5 tips for finding a job in Mexico

All of us know that finding a job in Mexico is a bit of a challenge. How do I get started? If I am a foreigner, how do I go about it? Worry no more. In this article you will find some tips on how to find a job in Mexico.

Compu Trabajo

As you know, nowadays there are different ways to look for a job. The internet being the most common way. Compu Trabajo is one of the most popular and effective websites to find a job in Mexico. For more details go to these guys. All you have to do is register for free, create an attractive profile and upload your CV. After that, you can send your CV to all the companies with suitable job offers. If the company is interested in you, you will be contacted.

Universia México

Here, it is a network of university students that offers a wide variety of jobs focused on professionals who have just gained their first experience in their field of specialization. Therefore, it is ideal for professionals who need to start having work experience and develop professionally. is a platform where you can find any type of job you want. Whether you have experience or not, many job offers are based on the knowledge you have.

OCC Mundial

This is one of the world's largest job boards for jobs in Mexico. This platform offers more than 100,000 offers that vary according to the characteristics you want. One of the biggest advantages of this platform is the possibility of getting the job that suits you.

Mexican newspapers

Jobs are also advertised in newspapers. There are two main Mexican newspapers El Universal and Reforma that have a Jobs section. This is also the case of the free daily Publimetro (equivalent to the French Metro). These offers are also available on the websites of these newspapers.