Young driver insurance: how it works

Car or motorbike insurance is a legal requirement for any vehicle owner who makes sure that his or her car or motorbike has valid insurance before putting it on the road. However, not all drivers have the same status with insurance companies. Some are considered to be at risk while others are not. A young driver is considered as a risk insured and his subscription to an insurance package is a bit more special. Zoom in!

Who is a young driver?

A young driver is an individual who has a driving licence of less than 3 years. It is assumed that he/she does not yet have the experience to deal effectively with possible traffic hazards. Compared to an experienced driver, the latter is not yet in control of the road and can more easily be the subject of regular accidents. Visit this website to discover the original source.

This is also the case for a young person who has not yet exceeded the age of 21 or 25. This individual is considered to be a young driver despite the fact that his or her (probationary) licence is more than 3 years old, as he or she is still in the throes of youth and can often display emotional behaviour. 

How does a young driver insurance application work?

The declaration for a young driver insurance can be made by anyone with a driving licence that is less than 3 years old or anyone with an older licence, but who is not used to driving. Anyone who regularly drives a car and has a licence must declare themselves as the main driver or the cover will not apply in the event of a claim.
Young drivers have two options when taking out young driver insurance: they can either declare themselves as the main driver or as a secondary driver when taking out the policy. Parents can add their child to their policy as a young driver.